In 1817 in France’s "Education Journal,” Marc-Antoine Jullien de Paris published the series “A Sketch and Preliminary View of a Work on Comparative Education", thus establishing the field of comparative education. Over the past 200 years, comparative education has experienced different stages of development and achieved fruitful research results. It has deepened mutual understanding and promoted international exchange and cooperation in education. Now, at the beginning of its third century, comparative education is facing new challenges and new development opportunities. In today’s world, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, the knowledge economy is developing rapidly, economic globalization is deepening overall, there is a trend of increasing international cooperation. At the same time, nationalism is on the rise and international competition has become increasingly fierce. While Comparative Education has been dying in some countries, in others its development is in full swing, which raises the question: what road will the future development of Comparative Education take? What historical mission should it play in the agenda of national development and global governance? This series of questions is worthy of the world's Comparative Education scholars’ in-depth consideration.

Since 2002, Beijing Normal University’s Institute of International and Comparative Education has successfully hosted The Worldwide Forum for Comparative Education five times. In September 2017, the institute will jointly host the Sixth Worldwide Forum for Comparative Education with China Institute of Education and Social Development of Beijing Normal University. The theme is “Two Hundred Years of Comparative Education: Nation-State, Globalization and Disciplinary Development”. We cordially invite all Chinese and foreign academic colleagues to share their latest research results. We warmly welcome all experts and scholars to gather in Beijing to participate in this international event.


  • Conference Theme

    Two Hundred Years of Comparative Education: Nation-State, Globalization and Disciplinary Development

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  • Conference Date

    23-24 September, 2017

  • Conference Venue

    Beijing Normal University

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline:

    31 July, 2017

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Notification of Acceptance of Abstract:

    9 August, 2017

    Notification of Acceptance of Abstract

  • Early Registration Deadlines:

    31 July, 2017

    Early Registration Deadlines

  • On-site Registration:

    22 September, 2017

    On-site Registration

  • Conference Dates:

    23-24 September, 2017

    Conference Dates

Invited Speakers
  • Liu Baocun

    Vice-President, China Comparative EducationSociety ; Professor and Director of the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University

  • N'Dri T. Assié-Lumumba

    President, World Council of Comparative Education Societies; Professor, Cornell University, USA

  • Keith Lewin

    Past President, British Association of International and Comparative Education; Professor, University of Sussex, UK

  • Anthony Welch

    Professor, University of Sydney, Australia

  • Wing On Lee

    Past President, World Council of Comparative Education Societies; Distinguished Professor, Zhengzhou University, China

  • Sugimura Miki

    Vice-President and Professor, Sophia University, Japan

  • Jandhyala B. G. Tilak

    President, Indian Institute of Comparative Education; Vice-President and Professor, National Education Planning and Administration University, India

  • Isak Froumin

    Professor and Academic Supervisor of the Institute of Education,National Research University Higher School of Economics,Russia

  • Vinayagum Chinapah

    Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden

  • Ratna Ghosh

    Past President of the Comparative and International Education Society of the U.S; Professor, McGill University, Canada

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